Employer Branding

All too often, recruitment is a ‘distress purchase’, responding to an unplanned loss of talent: you’ve a business-critical vacancy to fill, or you need someone yesterday. Our creative writers, designers and web developers can deliver inspiring engaging advertisements and campaigns to grab the attention of the right people, right now. And we can also provide longer-term brand building strategies – with the aim of increasing recognition, building a pipeline of talent and reducing your recruitment costs and time-to-hire in the future.

  • Employer Branding: We help employers to identify their unique proposition and selling points, and then take those messages to candidates in a consistent, creative way.
  • Targeted Attraction Campaigns: More complex requirement needs campaigns that communicate directly to a specific target audience, through different channels. We can develop targeted creative campaigns that drive response through traditional press, online advertising and social media.
  • Employer Marketing: Once your employer brand is in place, and your targeted campaigns are meeting short-term needs, we can think about more creative, innovative ways to market you as an employer, build your profile or challenge perceptions. Local events, sponsorships, outdoor marketing or viral campaigns.
  • Candidate Communications: Attraction is only part of the picture. Once you have candidates engaged, branded communications can make a difference at a host of other touchpoints – throughout the interview process, during onboarding, through induction and beyond.

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